Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hartmann on Perez as DNC chair

A caller asked him a good question about why should progressives keep supporting the Dem Party since they've proven yet again with electing Perez that they are just Wall Street cronies. Hartmann noted that President Obama was the one that put Perez over the top, lobbying voting members of the DNC. He thinks it's the last gasp of the establishment, corporate Third Way that refuses to hold the banksters accountable. He also correctly acknowledges that said establishment Dem policy doesn't work.

And yet Hartmann still thinks it's possible to take the Party back to a progressive people's Party. How many times does the Party have to spit in our faces and thwart every attempt to do so before you wake up? They will never allow the progressive wing to take over the Party. Never. To continue to keep believing that we can is to waste our valuable time and energy when we could be using it to start a real progressive party. Sanders has to also wake up to this reality and spearhead this movement. It is the only clear and sane path for returning our government to the people.

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