Wednesday, February 22, 2017

White nationalism now runs our government

Good article showing how Twampler's neo-Nazism might set back democracy for 150 years. A large part of that ideology is displayed in hatred of immigrants contaminating our pure whiteness. Hence the implemented policy now taking shape in trying to ban Muslims and deporting en mass Mexicans. Even though slavery and segregation have been previously outlawed, white nationalism sees that as wimpy liberal multiculturalism infecting our purity.

But they also realize many Americans have indeed evolved beyond those more extreme expressions so they couch their ideology in more palatable framing like the dangers immigrants pose, or they're stealing our jobs, or they are criminals by definition, to arouse resentment in those who are indeed struggling to make ends meet. But make no mistake: it's the same racial purity inherent to Nazism but with new makeup on that  old pig.

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