Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shields and Brooks on Twampler

They start this dialog noting that the US is really divided into two camps that don't want to communicate. Brooks is not sure if that's just people as usual belonging to different camps. No, it's the distinction between people that accept facts and science and those that don't. They are not just different but equal groups.

Then Brooks call Twamp's new conference "mildly deranged." Mildly?! Are you fucking kidding me? Twamp is full bore psycho and we don't need to normalize him with this 'mildly' bullshit.

Shields makes the accurate accessment that it wasn't the fact that Flynn illegally communicated with Russia, as Twamp knew about that weeks ago. It was just that the public found out about it. So much for national security in this Administration. He also noted that for Twamp he needs the constant reinforcement and limelight of campaign mode, which is the ongoing TV reality show we are daily (and at times hourly) subjected to.

See the clip below for more.

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