Friday, February 17, 2017

Greenwald on the Deep State v. Twampler

Good Democracy interview. Twamp and Breitbart accuse the intelligence community of trying to stage a coup. Kristol noted that while he prefers democracy, he'll take a Deep State take down of Twamp if it comes to that. Democrats are even supporting the spies to dethrone Twamp. Of course Greenwald sees this a problem, since the spies are lying, unscrupulous and killing bastards that operate outside democracy and threaten its very existence.

Greenwald makes the case that the spies are mad because they favored Clinton's policy about going to war with Syria. Since Twamp opposed that therefore the spies are out to undermine and subvert him for getting in the way of their war. They won't even give the Biggest Loser critical intelligence because he's too dumb to know what to do with it. Greenwald argues that while Twamp is indeed a disaster, by going along with the Deep State to subvert him defeats the purpose of and subverts democracy. There are other, democratic means for overcoming Twamp, some of which are working: courts overruling him; Cabinet posts resigning or dropping out; mass marches etc.

What Greenwald fails to realize is that Twamp and his ilk want a dictatorship. There is plenty of evidence to back that up, provided in several earlier blog posts. Yes, our democratic checks have partially stalled that agenda, for now. But there is no mistaking that is Twamper's intention. So this is indeed war and all is fair therein. Granted it's still a war of ideas at this point, but to prevent actual war the resistance needs to make us of all necessary opponents, including the spies despite their agenda. War indeed makes for strange bedfellows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. And that is the lesser evil to another Hitler. And that's exactly what we'll get if we don't use every weapon at our disposal to prevent that.

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