Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Discrete phase shift in human evolution

Aka the collaborative commons. From this article by Brent Cooper:

"Human evolution is going through a 'discrete phase shift' characterised by three things:
1) At the social level, we are moving from a differential advantage economy (private, scarcity based), to an economic system where everybody's well-being and incentives are accounted for with no externalities. 'It's not communism, or socialism, or capitalism, it something that was not possible before.'
2) At the level of infrastructure; we're moving from linear materials economy abstracting from the earth to create products to turn into trash, to a sustainable closed loop materials economy, where trash is a new resource.
3) At the level of a super-structural, memetic shift, everyone is seen as facets of one integrated system. All issues are global and existential, threatening the biosphere."

I still can't help thinking that we must distinguish between reporting on this emerging phenomenon and trying to institute it top down from some elite emergentsia. It seems the latter want to control it though not only description but prescription, which could very well miss what's happening with people who know nothing about the theories of metamodernism or the collaborative commons but are enacting it nevertheless. Do these people even need the theory to enact it? Apparently not. Do the theories help it along? Questionable.

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