Friday, May 22, 2020

Cenk and Ana debate about Warren on MFA

Ana takes the strong progressive stance that Warren is hedging once again on Medicare For All to hopefully get picked for VP. And that is so doing she's abandoning progressive values. Cenk argues that Warren is being practical, that she really does want MFA eventually and is being smart by accepting incremental steps to get the job done . Ana thinks there's no way Biden will pick Warren as VP, Cenk is hopeful that he will. Ana thinks the establishment Dems including Biden just plain hate progressives and are only appearing to throw bones in their direction, whereas Cenk thinks Biden appointing some progressives to his unity committees is a sign he'll shift left in the Presidential campaign.

I must admit I'm with Cenk on this. Biden won and progressives have to be practical. If they just hate on Biden and company they won't get shit out of them. If they play along as least a little, and keep up constant pressure to include their policies, they leave open the chance of attaining some steps in the right direction. We do know for a fact that Dump and the Dumpsters are not only not going to give anything to progressives but to the contrary will only continue to go down the fascist road to hell. If we want to prevent a full-blown fascist state and make some progress toward our goals the strategy seems quite clear. Cenk wins this one.

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