Friday, May 29, 2020

Rising is wrong yet again

Saager is wrong on this one. He first notes Twitler's Tweet saying "When the looting starts the shooting starts." Twitter then noted on the Tweet that it was "glorifying violence" and required one click on it to read the whole thing. Saager goes into a rant about free speech and that it's censorship. But he qualified only if "it is in the realm of reasonable speech." So you found that statement reasonable then?

Kyrstal does no better. She finds the Tweet outrageous, unconscionable, deeply irresponsible but agrees it is censorship. She thinks it Twitter made it a 'terms of service violation' applicable to all that might be acceptable. But she still thinks it censorship particular to one person, Twitler. She sounds like a Twitler apologist, using his own whining complaints that he's being treated unfairly. How about the entire country that is being raped by this guy? How about how he's destroying all sense of truth and reality? That's not free speech; it's tyranny and fascism and there's no justification for it.

The President of the US is indeed in a unique situation and should be held to the highest standard. His Tweets have far more influence that anyone else. He is no way should be allowed to lie and fact checking is appropriate. And he is no way should be allowed to incite violence. To hide behind freedom of speech and fake censorship is to excuse the very behaviors Krystal and Saager find reprehensible. Instead they're making excuses for it.

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