Thursday, May 21, 2020

Walker: Conspiracies abound on the right and left

Good one Julian.  Ever day I see it on Facebook coming from some in the left. It's amazing what a pandemic can do to us when our very lives hang in the balance.

"Many yogis, ecstatic dancers, bodyworkers, meditators, people focused on health and well-being, are all right now clogging my feed with the ever morphing paranoid memes that seek to frame the quarantine, the pandemic, WiFi/cell tower technology, and vaccines as all being part of a vast conspiracy designed to take away our freedoms, track our movements, poison our bodies, and enact an ominous new world order."

"In the overlapping center of the Venn-diagram lie figures like yoga community YouTube comedian JP Sears, who’s recent video satirizing people who believe the “mainstream media” on Covid-19 is approaching 4 million views. His legions of subscribers and followers see him as having taken the red pill. Sears today published another video satire featuring a pathetic, fearful quarantine-follower who is painted blue (because he took the blue pill and chose to stay enslaved and asleep you see) weakly accepting being told what to do by the government and media. I am gonna go ahead and predict that Sears will soon be appearing on FOX News and alt-right YouTube podcasts aplenty. Next stops: Steven Crowder, Candace Owens, Dave Rubin, Tucker Carlson."

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