Sunday, May 31, 2020

Game B(ullshit)

New article by Brent Cooper. I agree with him, why I left their FB forum months ago. Much like the integral movement, it seems more about who gets to decide what it is and everyone else is shunned or eliminated if you don't buy their dogma. I created a neologism for the AQALifried: kennilingus. Game B(ullshit) is an apt nickname for the B'ers.

And it's one reason I stick with the collaborative commons movement of the P2P Foundation, Commons Transition and others. They work collaboratively to enact what Hanzi calls green social liberalism 2.0. Social justice is critical to that project. It's also why I stick with Bernie, AOC and The Squad and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, as they are how we get from here to there.

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