Monday, May 18, 2020

UCS holds hearing on EPA's no science rule

Like Dump's EPA is going to consider actual science in its decisions? So the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) held a virtual meeting questioning the EPA's new rule to forget science. 

"On March 18th, a date when many of us were already sheltering in place, the EPA announced a proposal to restrict how the agency uses science to protect public health. [...] We urged the agency, repeatedly, to hold a virtual hearing on the proposal. Each time, they refused. So UCS decided that if the EPA would not do its job, someone would need to do it for them. [...] Dozens of scientists, advocates, and regular citizens showed up ready to share substantive feedback on the proposal and its impact on the EPA’s ability to meet its mission. Earlier this week, we submitted a transcript of each person’s remarks, along with any associated documents, to the agency for review. The EPA must consider every substantive argument made before it can finalize its proposal."

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