Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conservatives want the economy to fail

Yes, it seems like demagoguery to suggest this but time and again the facts support it; if the economy continues to fail the conservatives think they benefit in the next election. So are they that callous to the suffering of humanity in these extreme times that they would not only allow but consciously maintain those conditions at the heart of our economic woe? Let's look at some facts. Rachel Maddow pointed out in this clip that conservatives time and again make proposals for the solutions to our problems but as soon as either the President and/or the liberals agree or compromise they then reject their own proposals outright, thus creating a no-win situation.

For example, they were for a mandate to buy insurance until it was accepted by liberals and then it morphed into a Constitutional crises. Another conservative proposal was cap-and-trade, but again they turned tail the minute it gained acceptance. Seven conservative Senators co-sponsered legislation to establish a bi-partisan commission  to bring down the deficit, which legislation failed by 7 votes, the very conservatives that proposed it voting against it. And now they're doing it yet again.

The debit ceiling is the latest issue. Conservatives are bailing out of their own proposal to reduce the debt, which included 85% in spending cuts and 15% in revenue generation. The Dems countered with a 83/17 split, only 2 points difference. One might think that if the conservative agenda was truly to solve the problem this minimal difference could be worked out. But as usual they denounced their own plan and now there can be zero revenue generation. This not only includes no new taxes but not even closing loopholes on tax avoidance by the rich and corporations. And there is no sound fiscal way to achieve the goal of deficit reduction without some revenue increases.

And the conservatives know this. So one can only surmise that they want the economy to fail as a political strategy to create such unbearable suffering in the masses of humanity so as to garner votes in the next election by blaming the liberals for the fiasco. But Obama's recent press conference directly assaulted this deliberate and cruel strategy by pointing out its inherent contradictions and lies, and the conservative went ballistic at their agenda being revealed for what it is. I praise the President for changing the game that conservatives always win by declaiming their own ideas and blaming the liberals. Call it for what it is Obama, make the case that amply demonstrates their inhumane base of operation to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense, and hammer this hard and often in the media so that they lose and lose big in the next election.

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