Monday, July 18, 2011

The death of Open Integral

Back in June of 06 Open Integral blog was created by a number of alternative integralites opposed to Wilber's now infamous Wyatt Earp post. Members of the incipient blog included me, Ray Harris, Michel Bauwens, Mark Edwards for a time and several others. It was a hotbed of discussion for about a year, maybe year and a half. Slowly the cohesion that began as a reaction to the radical kennilinguists faded and I was left pretty much the sole remaining blogger from about 08 onwards.

Then during a software upgrade around 09 all the posts from 07 - 09 were lost from the blog. The good news was that during that period most of my posts were just copied from Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum, and those of any importance were save at IPS in this thread. In 10/10 I quit posting there and started this blog, hoping to maintain OI as an archive. But due to my not owning the domain name or having any control of it at the server the domain expired 6/11. I tried to obtain it but it was too late, the server deleting the content. The good news here is that I have a copy of the early posts from 06 - 07ish, which I  may post here piecemeal as time and interest permits. Between that and the saved posts at IPS, plus this blog I'd guess that a fair % of the original blog has been saved in some  form or another.

It's too bad it had to go, now being a dead link. But death comes upon us all the time and I will just have to accept this like any other death of significance and let its memories live on in me, expressing in hopefully new ways through the life of this blog.

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