Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ohio citizens fight back too

Back in March the Ohio governor and his conservative legislative majority enacted a union-stripping bill more insidious than that of Wisconsin. More than 350,000 public workers can no longer bargain for health care, sick time or pension benefits. But since then a grassroots people's movement went to work garnering signatures to bring the issue to a referendum vote. Today 915,000 signatures were certified and only 231,000 were necessary.

Once again we see what we the people can do to challenge the moneyed elite that think they can kick us around like chattel. I thank the likes of Governor Kasich for pushing us too far, but I thank even more the people that have the guts to stand up and fight back. We will win this battle too, and will hammer one more nail in the coffin of a dead ideology that supports only the wealthy and powerful.

The next step is educating the public and getting out the vote come November. Polls already show that 56% of Ohio voters want repeal compared to only 32% that favor it. Education can significantly increase those against and motivate people to make their votes count, not only against this criminal law but to reverse conservative gains in the last election. This election will be yet another major turning point in not "taking back" America but moving it forward from the draconian backslide it's taken into devolution.

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