Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisconsin recalls begin

The Wisconsin people continue to lead the US to a recovery of democracy. They were the first to take action against the continual corporate onslaught being perpetrated against the American people. When Wall Street failed due to egregious criminal behavior and no one was held accountable the people did not organize in protest. When continued wars in Iraq and now Afghanistan raged on and on, the people did not organize in protest. When wages stagnated in the last 20 years and buying power dropped precipitously necessitating both adult partners in a family to work barely making ends meet, the people did not organize to protest. We've been beaten down so often that we've come to accept our fate, that the power of the rich is so great that there's nothing we can do about it, that we must go quietly into that good night of increasing poverty through financial slavery. We felt and acted defeated, and we were.

No more! 

The people of Wisconsin finally said “Enough!” when they stood up to the radical corporate agenda of the newly elected conservatives in their State with massive demonstrations on the Capitol during the budget debates. After losing those battles to the legislative and executive authority the people kept the momentum going with petitioning to recall 6 of those conservative legislators along with future designs on the Governor as well. The conservatives, also inspired by their victories and aghast at the power of the now infamous “Wisconsin 14” who fled the State to stall passage of their agenda, worked to recall 3 Democrats as well.

The first of the recalls was against Democratic Senator Dave Hansen, part of that group of 14 brave souls that stood up for the people. The vote was held this past Tuesday and he won handily with a landslide. This victory was significant, given not only that it was the first of the 9 recall elections but that Governor Scott and his corporate-backed, conservative legislative cronies invested heavily in this opening salvo, both politically and financially. But again even their money and power were no match for the people, who organized and worked tirelessly to reverse the criminal abuse being meted out by the conservatives to enrich the top 2% even more.

Wisconsin is the bellwether of the people's movement in the US. Their initial protests led the way and now their recalls will signal whether there will be a return to a people's government. Make no mistake, all parties are watching to see the outcome of these recall elections, for it will start the momentum in all other US States where conservative victories have followed Wisconsin's legislative and executive lead in enacting heinous laws against its own people. When, not if, the Democrats win back Senate control in Wisconsin through the heroic efforts of everyday people they will once again provide the inspiration and impetus for the rest of the States and its people to get off their asses and fight back too. This is the example we need to know that we are not defeated, that we do not have to take it anymore, that we can change our fate if we but have the will to do something about it. And Wisconsin's people have proven that we can.

PS: We first have to win in Wisconsin. The first steps have been taken. But it requires money to get the word out, to pay people to hit the streets and neighborhoods, to fund the people's grassroots movement. I highly encourage all of you to donate to the efforts in Wisconsin, even if it's just a couple of bucks here and there, to places like the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Remember we are fighting against incredibly well-funded corporate interests that think they can buy results to further empower them. And given the current governments around the country they have every reason to support that. They are investing mightily to defeat the people's efforts to regain power so please consider a few bucks here and there. For Wisconsin is the first battleground, and if we lose here we will surely sink back into despair and perhaps never recover. Take a stand now and consider investing in your and your children's future.

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