Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The People speak on the debt

Monday night President Obama gave a short speech asking the American people to contact their legislators if they wanted them to work out the debt ceiling crisis, for to not do so would lead to another economic meltdown. And contact we did. Monday evening into today Congressional phone lines were jammed and several websites crashed from the traffic. Yet again we're seeing the American people motivated to get involved n the political process, something unheard of until the mass demonstrations in Wisconsin, as well as in the world, took off earlier this year. The People's movement is afoot, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.

And here's what we're mad about regarding the debt crises. We're mad that cuts will gut necessary safety nets like Medicare and social security while conservatives refuse to increase taxed one cent on the rich or corporations, eliminate tax loopholes or tackle oil company subsidies. Not only that, every time they get the concessions they want from Obama or the liberals they change their mind and refuse to take "yes" for an answer, further supporting the obvious fact that they are not at all interested in the good of the country. To the contrary, they think the worse things get for everyone except the rich the better their chances for big wins in the next election cycle, but they're so blinded by this ideology that they can no longer read the numerous polls that blame them much more than Obama or the Dems for this impasse.
Another fine example of this in the last round of "debates" is Speaker Boehner's plan. Not only will it not satisfy the fanatical Tea Party caucus in his own party but reports from Wall Street are doubting that even if passed and signed by Obama that it would avert a downgrade in US credit rating. This should tell us exactly what the conservatives really want, despite the bluster and bullshit. They are dead set on the economy failing and the majority of the American people, which now includes Republicans and Independents, can see through their subterfuge.

Keep calling and crashing their phones and websites Americans. Let your voices be heard. They are after all politicians and their #1 goal is remaining in power. If the numbers are so overwhelming not even they will continue with their bullshit and will turn ship and do what we, the People, demand.

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