Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sucker Punch

In another IPS discussion Andrew referenced the movie Sucker Punch with this link to a review. The review is excellent. When I first saw the movie, not being aware of the symbolism described, I had the same gut reaction, that it was more a film about escape into fantasy in the wake of horrific abuse than about gaining freedom from said abuse. That the fantasies were about "freedom" only highlighted even more the manipulation and abuse of master/slave economic conditions, much like Americans are sold the purposely created illusion of personal freedom while being manipulated to break their backs and souls each day in their denigrating jobs for the enrichment of the owners.

The review then leads us down the rabbit hole of Monarch mind control where we get into CIA and Illuminati conspiracy theories.

Much like the review of the movie itself it's difficult to tell here where fact and fiction meet. At the heart of this is the actual MK Ultra program, which got mention in the recent satirical film Men Who Stare at Goats, or rather the book upon which the film was loosely based. I do not doubt that the review is accurate in that the filmmakers' intentions indeed used the standard symbols of the program, or that it was an allegory about the program. But with much conspiracy theory again the lines between fact and fantasy are so blurred, where those that expose the crime might in fact be the victims of the programming itself. Their paranoid delusions so exaggerate the program so as to be ridiculed, thereby diffusing attention to the very real and insidious program itself. Thus the programming goes on in modern guise, used by the likes of our real task-masters, the moneyed elite, selling the American Dream to the slaves who must believe it lest they face the awful reality of their mundane and meaningless existence.

Also recall Klein's documentary about the Shock Doctrine, wherein she also references the torture programs as being the exemplar for totalitarian economic manipulation techniques. The "reality" is not so far-fetched.
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