Saturday, July 16, 2011

Iceland punishes criminal bankers

Why doesn't this make media news in the US? Because our news is in bed with the government, who is in bed with the bankers. It's all just one big cluster fuck as we used to say in the military. The financial collapse of 2008 was global and affected everywhere but Iceland is apparently the only one that has the balls to do something about it. And it's time you heard about it so that the rest of us can take similar action.

This story from Pressenza reports that back in March nine people were arrested who were believed responsible for Iceland's bank disaster. This resulted from a peaceful people's revolution that began shortly after the collapse. Daily demonstrations outside Parliament forced the resignation of the Prime Minister and his conservative government. The latter were replaced by a coalition government comprised of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left Green Movement.

But even when this Parliament suggested an austere means of paying down their debt the people again revolted, asked that the measure be put to referendum, got it and voted against it. After all, the debt was incurred by the criminal bankers in the first place, so why should the people pay? This led the Parliament, under intense scrutiny and pressure, to finally go after the bankers which led to the above arrest. So now bankers are fleeing Iceland in droves to escape further responsibility. Imagine that, if you can, where even the powerful bankers are held accountable for their actions by the people.

But the people didn't stop there. They elected an assembly to draft a new Constitution, as assembly not of government insiders and business cronies but from their own ranks. Among other things the new Constitution will call for unprecedented freedom and protection of the press, so that stories such as this can get out without deep financial retribution from business and their government sycophants, the current situation in the rest of the world and why we have yet to even hear of this story.

That is, until now. Spread the news after you read this. Let's take the initiative to disseminate the hope that we, the people, do have the power and can achieve fairness if but we only have the courage and conviction to stand up to the crimes being perpetrated against us. And we need good news stories like this to serve as examples that it is not only possible but likely if we so choose to act.

PS: Remember the demonstrations in Wisconsin? They are doing something about it and it will redress the inequities perpetrated on their people. See this for the updates.


Here's an example of one Icelandic banker who recently was sentenced to 2 years in jail. On the other hand 3 bankers were recently found not guilty in this report, but the verdict is being appealed to the Supreme Count.

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