Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WI conservatives are anti-democracy

Earlier this year the Governor of WI signed a bill requiring photo ID to vote. This requirement is especially difficult on the elderly, students, minorities and low-income voters, a voting block incidentally that typically vote for Democrats. The reason for the measure was to prevent voter fraud, and yet the Brennan Center for Justice found the voter fraud actually makes up about 44 one-millionth of 1 percent of votes cast. Nevertheless, I'm not opposed to requiring State ID to vote as long as 1) a driver's license is not required, since many cannot or do not drive, and 2) such State ID is easily obtained with proof of identity.

So the DMV was to be the main neighborhood location wherein to obtain such ID but now the Governor's administration is working to close 10 DMV offices while extending office hours in others to take up the slack. But one guess as to which locations are slated to be closed? Yes, they're all in Democratic districts that will further place difficult impositions on those legal citizens who can obtain the ID but who will vote against the conservatives, meanwhile making obtaining the ID all the easier for those in conservative districts where the DMV's will remain open longer hours.

Can anyone seriously claim that this is anything but a political ploy to thwart democracy but implanting the mouth puppets of the corporate aristocracy? Remember the infamous mantra of businesses: This is not a democracy. Well when you sell your government to the privatization of business then government is no longer a democracy, and truth be told democracy is not what the corporations want in this country and they are having their way. But fear not Americans, for the WI people are fighting back and they will win in the WI recall elections, they will find ways to get those voters their IDs, they will get them to the polls and they will turn the tide so that the rest of us get up, stand up, stand up for our rights and reinstitute democracy across our fair land.

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