Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bill Maher this week

Here's last night's show. From the monologue: "I know why you're happy tonight; your uterus is safe for another 4 years." "We are black in the saddle again." "The Republicans are licking their wounds, which is ironically Romney's healthcare plan." "This was such a good night for progressives Anthony Weiner is tweeting his dick again." "All the men who talked about lady parts during the campaign; they all lost."

During the panel discussion Maher brought up the research by the Congressional Research Service that when you give tax breaks to the richest 1% it doesn't help the economy. They do not create jobs but hoard their riches. So in relation to the fiscal cliff coming up, why can't regressives accept this obvious fact when it comes to making them pay just a little bit more taxes, like 3% more? Answer: facts don't dent their impenetrable denial and that isn't going to change.

In New Rules his final bit was on how white majorities are a thing of the past. And how the old while males are lamenting it, the new minority victims. Obama only got 39% of the white vote: "White people vote for white people like it's going out of style. And like most things with white people, it's going out of style." So what kind of reaction did we get from the regressive bubble on the new majority demographics? The takers won, those dark-skinned people that not only don't contribute to society but are its leeches, sucking the life out of all the magnanimous white folk who create all the wealth that is redistributed to those no good slackers. Again, their bubble denial that ain't going away because of this election.

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