Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama on taxing the rich & telling regressives to stick it

I like Obama's new balls. It seems he has grown a brand new pair and is not afraid to use them. On the looming fiscal cliff the regressives are determined to not raise any taxes on the rich and instead are offering only to "reform the tax code" is some unspecified way. Obama simply responded, I won! And that means the agenda he campaigned on won, part of which was allowing the current tax cuts to remain in place but expire on the top 2% only. He's drawing the gauntlet and letting the regressives hang themselves, possibly taking everyone over the cliff and letting the tax cuts expire on everyone. He knows they will be held responsible as well they should. I like this new Obama, one who stands up for what he believes. One who knows that the regressives will promise him the world but if he compromises with them and accepts their suggestion they will just turn right around and vote against him as they've consistently done the last 2 years. I say Yea for Obama's bright, big new balls.

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