Friday, November 2, 2012

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is here

See this link for the US Department of Energy's fuel cell technologies program. Here are some accomplishments and progress to date. See the link for much more. (Also recall this post and following on hydrogen as saectum saectorum.)

Reducing the Cost and Improving the Durability and Performance of Fuel Cells

Chart showing the cost of the automotive fuel cell system, which is projected to a high-volume manufacturing of 500,000 units per year. In 2002, the cost of the automotive fuel cell system (including balance of plant and stack) was $275/kW. The cost decreased to $108/kW in 2006, to $94/kW in 2007, to $73/kW in 2008, $61/kW in 2009, to $51/kW in 2010, and to $49/kW in 2011. The target cost for 2017 is $30/kW.

DOE has reduced the cost of automotive fuel cells from $275/kW in 2002 to $49/kW in 2011 and is targeting a cost of $30/kW by 2017.

Reduced the cost of automotive fuel cells by more than 30% since 2008 and more than 80% since 2002 (from $275/kW in 2002 to $49/kW in 2011, based on projections to high-volume manufacturing).
These cost reductions reflect numerous individual advances in key areas, including the development of durable membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) with low platinum group metal (PGM) content.

Demonstrated more than 2,500-hour (75,000 miles) durability of fuel cell systems in vehicles operating under real-world conditions, with less than 10% degradation. This is more than double the maximum durability of 950 hours demonstrated in 2006.

Improved the performance of stationary fuel cells, including development of a solid-oxide fuel cell for micro-combined heat and power applications with an almost 25% increase in system power density, which has enabled a more than 30% reduction in stack volume and a 15% reduction in stack weight.

Developed advanced manufacturing methods and materials that enabled a 50% decrease in the cost of gas diffusion layers since 2008.

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