Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romney reiterates his 47% bullshit

As if we didn't know he believed this taker bullshit before, he said it again, blaming his loss on the "gifts" Obama gave to blacks, hispanics and the youth. Of course Romney interprets this as free lunches and hand outs. But what is he talking about? Not raising student loan interest. Providing free contraceptives. Letting 26-year olds remain on their parent's insurance. You know, helping people in need. What he failed to mention were the "gifts" he and his Party give to the rich, like criminally low capital gains taxes, oil and gas subsidies, tax loopholes so that numerous large corporations do not pay any taxes. The latter gifts dwarf the money invested in our lower and middle classes where society reaps huge returns on this investment. Whereas the actual gifts given to the rich only serve to further enrich themselves at the expense of the public good. I'll take Obama's investment in most of us instead of Romney's gifts to his own 1% ilk. And fortunately, as the election proves, so will the majority of us.

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