Sunday, November 4, 2012

Robert Reich nails Romney on his real values

Alleluia! Tell it brother Reich, from this blog post. See the entire post for details and elaboration.

"1. Corporations are the basic units of society.

2. Workers are a means to the goal of maximizing corporate profits.

3. All factors of production – capital, physical plant and equipment, workers – are fungible and should be treated the same.

4. Pollution, unsafe products, unsafe working conditions, financial fraud, and other negative side effects of the pursuit of profits are the price society pays for profit-driven growth. 

5. Individual worth depends on net worth — how much money one has made, and the value of the assets that money has been invested in.

6. People who fail in the economy should not be coddled.

7. Taxes are inherently bad because they constrain profit-making.

8. Politics is a game whose only purpose is to win.

9. Democracy is dangerous because it is forever vulnerable to the votes of a majority intent on capturing the wealth of the successful minority, on whom the economy depends.

10. The three most important aspects of life are family, religion, and money."

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