Saturday, November 3, 2012

Maddow reams Romney's faux compassion

Recall this post on Ryan's real imitation authenticity, where he pretended to help out at a soup kitchen. Enter Romney, who turned a supposed hurricane relief effort into a political campaigning stunt to make him appear compassionate. Rachel Maddow of course rightfully called him out, exposing that "according to BuzzFeed, the Romney campaign actually purchased $5,000 worth of canned goods and diapers from a Wal-Mart and provided event-goers with materials to then hand to Gov. Romney." Meanwhile the President and FEMA were actually doing something about it, and praised for doing so by NJ Governor Christy. Much to the frothing chagrin of regressives everywhere, since their focus has always been party before public interest, the latter an irrelevant impediment to their goals of power and money. 

To the contrary the public interest must be decimated so as not to offer any challenge to their mad march to power. And they then manipulate the powerless with bullshit ads and spin designed to add insult to injury, making the weak vote against their own interests by pretending to care about them. They are twisted, sick bastards and must be called out at every opportunity. Kudos to Maddow for her continuing good work in this regard.


  1. In the regressive link Limbaugh complains that Obama and Christy meeting was pure politics to manipulate voters. This is the only way power-mad manipulators can interpret actual bi-partisanship for the people's benefit, since they know damned well that is THEIR only motivation.

  2. And here's another story showing regressive spin on hurricane relief is an outright lie:


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