Monday, May 4, 2015

Real/false reason, dominator/actualization hierarchies

Re-reading this Lakoff interview I'm reminded of Eisler saying that when we enter a phase of emphasis on the individual, typically white and male, it is a regression rather than an evolution. In her terms, in that case a dominator hierarchy takes over instead of an actualization hierarchy. Lakoff frames it differently, noting that the regressive is into a dysfunctional and authoritarian father, whereas the progressive balances the family structure with nurturing parents in partnership. Same with how democracy is viewed: in the former it's all about individual merit and in the latter it's the public-private partnership. This is consistent with my contention that a pathological dominator hierarchy takes over with the model of hierarchical complexity (and resultant models of development based thereon), given its basis in the sort of metaphysics inherent to this capitalistic regression with its individual over-indulgence and deficient rational/false reasoning.

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