Thursday, February 11, 2016

Keller's "What is integral?"

See his article here. I'm in partial agreement with Marty. As I argued in the IPS fold thread, second tier is incipient when we've more thoroughly integrated the so-called lateral states in the WC lattice via some form of meditation or contemplation. But instead of them being atop the so-called 2nd tier levels as 3rd tier a la the lattice, they are (en)folded under and within the 1st tier stages. 

At the same time though we cannot interpret these states metaphysically like the traditions but rather posmetaphysically or postformally. The latter are the lateral extensions of formal logic in systemtic, metasystemic, paradigmatic and cross-paradigmatic according to the model of hierarchical complexity. I replace the lateral states on the WC lattice with these lateral extensions of formal logic, while speculating that at least the systemic notion of postmetaphysicality, along with the integration of the states, is the very beginning of 2nd tier or integral-apersectival awareness per Gebser.

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