Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reich's 8-point plan for a new Democratic Party

See this article for the details. Just the bullet points follow.

 Most points are for what the Dem Party has to do to be effective going forward. And if they don't, the last point is that we may need to go outside the Party to effect change. I have serious doubts that the Dems have learned anything from this disastrous election, so am not hopeful they will take any of Reich's advice. That haven't to date and there's no indication they will going forward.

1. Overhaul the DNC
2. Embrace populism
3. Mobilize, energize and educate the base
4. Expose Trump as a fraud
5. Focus on 2018 now
6. Look to the state and local level
7. Protect groups threatened by Trump
8. Failing all else, look outside the party      

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