Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Update on Standing Rock

From Victory Lonnquist, who is there. This is Selma all over again:

"We are in a blizzard right now. I am unable to get back to camp, along with many. I am getting reports that the Governor has ordered them not to plow the roads to Standing Rock, and has cut off emergency services. It has also been reported that we are not allowed to buy propane as the Governor is "concerned about safety issues". It is reported (but not yet confirmed) that he is sending in the military on December 2nd to Standing Rock on "standby", before the veterans arrive on the 4th. He cut off water to camp long ago. The US Army Corps of Engineers gave us an evict notice December 5, but states they will not forcibly remove us. The Governor however, stated he will. My understanding is that is outside of his jurisdiction, but hey, that hasn't stopped him before. He's in bed with DAPL $$$.

So let's summarize this Governor who is "concerned about our safety and the bad weather so wants us to leave":

- He has cut off emergency services to camp, (but still have full emergency services to the casino 20 min up the road, in contrast). Blatant misuse of power.
- He has blockaded the highway one way with large concrete barriers and razor wire, delaying anyone we are trying to transport to the hospitals ourselves
- There are rumors he will completely close 1806 down, so we could not get in or out, with or without an emergency
- It is reported he is refusing sale of propane to water protectors all the way to Bismarck, our source of heat
- He is imposing up to a $1,000 fine to anyone who donates to the protectors
- Sheriff sprayed innocent people with water in freezing temperatures for 6-7 hours, intending hypothermia
- They have maced, Pepper sprayed, tear gassed, shot, unlawfully arrested and tortured water protectors, put hoods on water protectors (illegal), put knees on the back of necks and chests of water protectors detained and in hand cuffs (illegal, extremely dangerous/potentially lethal). Police intermix with DAPL security, who have showed records of excessive violence against protectors. They have released dogs on peaceful protectors, biting flesh.

THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US. I have never in my life seen such blatant human rights violations on multiple levels, to all races, all walks of life in one place. All to protect private oil. $$$
Let us not forget that this is a prayer camp! If you know human rights attorneys, members of Congress, senators, anyone who is influential, now is the time to call them.

I am very concerned. We need you back home to do anything in your power to change this. Thank you. Bless you. Love you. - Victory"


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