Wednesday, November 30, 2016


In this FB discussion I posted on Bryant's article "For an ethics of the fold." I quoted him: "The minimal unit of being is not the point, but the dyad or fold. [...] A dyadism is not a dualism. [...] A dyadism, by contrast, is a two-in-one, for the continuum is pleated along an edge, such that the pleated is continuous with the topology of that surface" (2-3).

There's also a good discussion of implication and explication, enfolding and unfolding, without the metaphysical underpinnings of kennilingus. Also a good section on language with Derrida's ethics of a 'yet to come' for cunning linguists, aka synnilingus, a syntegral linguistic alternative to kennilingus. Speaking of which, recall the Edwards et al piece on syntegral, especially on the dyad. Also a good discussion of meta(sta)sizing in Bryant's article.

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