Thursday, January 30, 2020

Bernie is a real Democrat

Bernie is a real Democrat, which is why the corporate establishment Dems can't stand him. That's ok, being a real Dem we the people love him and that's what counts in the voting booth. From this FB post:

For some reason there's always a few people who're mad at Bernie, not because of his policy positions, no...because, they say, "he's not a democrat!" For the record...

1. The Democratic Party of Vermont endorses Bernie.

2. Bernie caucuses with the Dems in the Senate

3. Bernie has a much better progressive voting record in the Senate than almost any other Senator, D or R.

4. Bernie's reasons for registering as an Independent are well documented and accepted by his colleagues.

Most importantly

5.Bernie Sanders will be one of America's greatest Presidents
Sanders must run for president as a Democrat because in this duopoly, the President must have a D or an R by his name.
3rd, 4th, 5th party, etc. may have a shot after we;

1. Close the Electoral college

2. Reverse "Citizens United"

3. Establish a more nationally standardized voting system

4. Establish a system of 'Ranked Choice Voting' like STAR voting.

Bernie Sanders is the classic FDR, working families style Democrat, not a corporate, Wall Street, 'third way' Democrat.

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