Friday, January 17, 2020

Chomsky: The case for the lesser of two evils

From this interview. That was my and several progressives' strategy when Hillary got the nomination. She was nowhere near Bernie's agenda but in most ways far less evil than Dump. And I figured at least she'd work with and likely pass most progressive legislation, unlike Dump. But this time we have a chance for the most good with Bernie, so let's hope we don't have to face the lesser of two evils again. Chomsky:

“There’s another word for lesser evilism. It’s called rationality. Lesser evilism is not an illusion, it’s a rational position. But you don’t stop with lesser evilism. You begin with it, to prevent the worst, and then you go on to deal with the fundamental roots of what’s wrong, even with the lesser evils. [...]
You continue to try to organize and develop the mass popular movements, which will block the worst and change the institutions. All of these things can go on at once."

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