Monday, January 27, 2020

Fascist Pompeo bans NPR reporter

We really have to vote out Dump and get rid of his corrupt fascist regime. From Robert Reich's FB post on this story:

"Every day our country moves closer towards authoritarianism. Last week, NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly interviewed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In the interview, she asked him basic questions about Ukraine and Marie Yovanovitch, which he refused to answer. After cutting the interview short, Pompeo shouted and cursed at Kelly and then demanded she locate Ukraine on a blank map. Kelly, a widely respected and experienced foreign affairs reporter with a Master’s degree in European studies, was able to complete the task.

"Following Kelly’s report of the exchange, Pompeo released a statement accusing her of lying both about the nature of the interview and about what happened after, claiming the conversation was supposed to be off the record and insinuating that she mistakenly pointed to Bangladesh instead of Ukraine (Kelly’s colleagues laughed at this suggestion). Now, Pompeo has kicked NPR reporter Michele Keleman out of his press pool for his upcoming trip to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

"To be clear: our Secretary of State is retaliating against a reputable news outlet because one of its reporters asked him a question he didn’t like. This behavior, from one of our government’s top officials, is what you see in dictatorships, not democracies. It appears Pompeo is following his boss’s lead and restricting press access because he can’t handle being asked tough questions. Pathetic."

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