Monday, April 11, 2016

Nonduality koolaid

In a FB IPS discussion on transcendentals, Mark Schmanko said the following:

"It's funny - here on this forum, many of us are all very sophisticated, resorting to all the 'postness' and adjacency, and realism, and enactment talk. But, still, we seem incapable of discarding (or just metaphysically refuse to discard) the nonduality gospel. That, my friends, is the real metaphysics of presence around here, the elephant in the root-identity of the consoled mind, the presumption of some realizable 'prior' or simultaneously all-pervasive unity with all things, with all-that-is; all the contemplatives and meditators, all the philosophical adepts around here continue to take repose in the solace of an imagined unity, kataphatically or apophatically (for the Buddhist-oriented), as such taking perpetual, rhetorrically unfindable subtle-causal pleasure in self-affirming their attunement to it.
"Even Bhaskar seems to have drank the nondual koolaide! What is this impulse to submit to a great ocean that subsumes difference? Love does not exist unless there is more-than-one! Ethics does not exist unless there is more-than-two! The universe is not a single entity, so why do we go on positing the nondual as an ultimate realization. (Posting this as a thread-starter too, but it was inspired here; hence the double announcement)"

I replied:

I'm with you Mark on the Buddhist 'nondual' metaphysics of presence. But not all Buddhists  adhere to this view, just the shentong. The rangtong is another story. I covered this at length in numerous Ning IPS threads, especially the Batchelor thread. It's also why I like Thompson's work on meditative states, as he is a rangtong himself.

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