Monday, March 25, 2013

2 unanimous Senate votes? Who knew?

I was made aware that the US Senate had 2 unanimous votes this week. Two! I would've thought that would be huge news, given the constant state of vitriolic partisanship rampant in our politics. But nary a word from major news outlets, not one peep. What is up with that? It's almost as if they media is so sold on this divide that any good news is antithetical to their need to created an argument, even when none exists.

So on what did the Senate agree? The first came via email notice from new Senator Elizabeth Warren. She said: "By a unanimous 99-0 vote, the Senate passed a measure from Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Senator David Vitter to eliminate the billions of dollars in subsidies that giant 'too big to fail' banks receive through lower borrowing costs because of the implicit guarantee they will be bailed out by the government in a time of crisis."*

Wow, this is humongous. Regressives voting against bank subsidies? This would seem to be front page news, not just that it was a unanimous vote but over what they actually agreed. So the second unanimous vote came through this story, which supports the biased investment of certain people in illusions to the point that they won't even report on such agreement. According to the report it was "an amendment to the budget put forward by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders that puts the Senate on record as opposing the switch to the chained CPI as the basis for the annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)." Unanimous.

The story goes on to point out that many are invested in this spurious notion of chained CPI, as it apparently shows the Democrats willingness to give on their side with entitlement cuts. Even the President has floated this to appear ready to compromise. And the beltway pundits, so-called, are all in favor of this 'responsible' move. Not! So much are they invested in this bullshit they won't even report this unanimous Senate vote against it.

All this bitching and moaning about the never getting anything done in Congress, how both sides are intransigent and unreasonable, and when they finally agree unanimously on 2 pieces of legislation nary a word? Who is it exactly that is invested in not getting anything done here?

* Update: The story just hit Huff Post 3 hours ago. Granted it's an amendment to the Democrat budget that will never pass the House, but still.

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