Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fucken' objet a

Continuing from the last post, looking back to p. 91 of the OOO thread I mentioned Hegel After Derrida, and how Derrida included but transcended Hegel's ontotheology. But with a twist, an excess, remainder or displacement not accounted for in Hegel's totalizing sublation, “an originary contamination of pure identity and pure difference." We see this same process operating in Bryant's use of Lacan. It's not so much that the male side of the graph is eliminated but synthesized with the feminine side, which heretofore had been marginalized. We still have the master narratives but allow for that space or gap within them which withdraws. We allow for this “originary contamination” of the present and absent, male and female, not as a binary couple that are one in each or even one in all, but not two and not one due to the objet a or withdrawn core (khora).

Yes, Bryant's Borromean knot is an integral master narrative, so in that sense metaphysics. But it multiplies it with the excess remainders not in the type of ontotheologies of the One stuck in the imbalance of the male side of sexuation, always grasping for something it cannot ever achieve, always wanting more, as in the capitalist mode of production. We need to go to the next level with P2P, where we know when enough is enough, and how to spread the excess around without hoarding it for ourselves. There we understand we cannot ever arrive so we don't grasp as much and we give a lot more. We open our hearts to that core emptiness that is always conterminous with fullness, for in such giving there is always room for more giving. In this way we progress, not through some pre-given ontotheological pattern or Being, but through our own community enacted mores and ideals integrated via the fucken' objet a.

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