Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Regressives agree with Scalia on gutting Voting Rights Act

See this previous post on Scalia's obvious racist prejudice. He also said that Congress cannot decide such matters because it was politically incorrect for GOP Senators to vote against it because they were afraid of the repercussions.Well duh. Most people, except for the right wingnuts, think it is a Constitutional right for all people to vote, not just the white ones.

No matter. A recent survey of some of those GOP Senators that as recently voted to renew the VRA in 2006 are now saying the time has come to end it. Time have changed they say, those States until Section 5 with a history of voting abuses are no longer that way. Why should we penalize them still? Why not make their voting laws consistent with the rest of the country?

I agree with them on this last point but in the other direction.

Indeed we should make the law consistent for all but by extending Section 5 to all States. Given the proliferation of States controlled by the GOP that have introduced legislation to hamper if not outright deny the vote to minorities provides ample evidence that not only has the problem been solved, but it is today more prevalent than ever. Note it is only the regressives in power that introduce and push such laws. And the thing is, even though they give rationalizations for them like voter fraud (which is virtually nonexistent), they actually know it is a smoke screen and that the real agenda is to block minority voting.They fucking know it!

And so does virtually everyone else, especially the average American. Exceptions of course abound in Faux Snooze watchers, the most ill-informed of the lot. So yes, let's make all States consistent with the law and extend Section 5 of the VRA to all.

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