Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Facts about the minimum wage

I know regressives won't like this because it contains facts that counter their myth, one of which is that if we raise the minimum wage to $10 then employers will fire workers en mass. Not so. Check out this article for the 10 facts regressives don't want you to know about the minimum wage. I'll just provide the headings so see the article for details, sources and links.

1. Most Americans Support Raising The Minimum Wage
2. Raising The Minimum Wage Would Boost The Economy
3. Raising The Minimum Wage Does Not Hurt Employment
4. Having A Minimum Wage Has Kept More Teens In School
5. Prices Don't Always Rise In Response To Minimum Wage Increases
6. Letting The Minimum Wage Fall Could Increase Income Inequality
7. Worker Benefits Don't Get Cut In Response To Minimum Wage Increases
8. Raising The Minimum Wage Does Not Shorten Workdays
9. Most Minimum-Wage Workers Are Adults
10. A Falling Minimum Wage Contributes To Obesity

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