Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Senate Democrats place their career above human lives

No, it's not hyperbole, it's accurate. The gun legislation in the US Senate originally included an assault weapons ban but leader Reid had to remove it lest the entire proposal went down. And all due to 5 Senate Democrats who are more interested in retaining their jobs than in protecting the public. Yes, they are in red States that would likely take their vote not at all well for such a ban. And yes, the IRA would no doubt spend millions to kick them out for such a vote. So fucking what! Your cushy job is not worth people dying every day due to these weapons. This is a huge part of what is wrong with Washington DC, cowards like this more concerned with themselves than with the public they were supposedly elected to protect.

The 5 Senate Democrats follow. Please call or write them and give them holy hell.

Sen. Begich: (877) 501 – 6275 Email
Sen. Tester: (866) 554-4403 Email
Sen. Baucus: (800) 332-6106 Email
Sen. Heitkamp: (800) 223-4457 Email
Sen. Manchin: (202)224-3954 Email

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