Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jouissance is the perfect Easter gift for flagellants

Bryant has 2 new posts on the Borromean knot. The first is focused on Lacan's use and as is typical of my response to Lacan I'm again like say what? The second is also Lacanian, now on jouissance, of which there are several kinds, one being the objet a. At least in Lacan it is nothing like how I've been using it it in recent posts. To the contrary it seems to be a form of psychological dysfunction when we confuse the word with the thing in itself. Phallic jouissance is another kind, and Bryant doesn't think much of it. Which is my typical response to Lacan generally and these two posts specifically. It seems jouissance in all its forms is about self-punishment of some kind and I have no desire to flagellate myself any further with this particular whip.

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