Thursday, April 11, 2013

3-D Borromean Rings

I've talked quite a bit about them in recent posts. Check out this video by the International Mathematical Union on the geometry of the rings.

Now the Borromean property that if any one ring is removed then the other 2 are not connected is interesting. It suggests that if we view the rings as a unit (or autonomous machine or holon) then Edwards' notion of each holon having 4 inseparable and interconnected quadrants (or 3 rings) is supported over a holon being in each quadrant (or ring). While we can define the rings in terms of paradigms with their own particular enactments (symbolic, imaginal, real), each of those are inextricably tied in any given machine. I.e., each machine has all three expressions. All of course 'around' the withdrawn center.
I'm also thinking of how this relates to endo- versus exo-relations but it's not quite clear yet.

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