Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tarot card meditation game

I've worked hard and my vines are ripe with fruit. I wonder what I'll buy when I sell it at market? First off I'll need some boot polish, as my right boot is filthy from the mud. Good thing I have at least one foot anchored in the mud because in my reverie I stepped into the turbulent stream and could be carried away to who knows where? And yeah, this overcast day after heavy rain made me realize money can't buy me love, so no matter how much I get for my fruit it won't impress Becky Sue, damn it.

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  1. And what's up with his sleeves? There are too many jagged lines for it to just be folds in the fabric. No folds in his pants. So it wouldn't appear to be just raggedy and worn. Is he half sheep or something? Or goat maybe? Ah, his doubts and disappointment lead him to turn into the Devil? I see the storyline now: Devil, the early years.


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