Saturday, April 6, 2013

Let Medicare negotiate for drug prices

Please consider signing this petition from Senator Al Franken:

Here’s the best idea you’ll hear all day: Medicare should be able to negotiate with the drug companies to get better prices on prescriptions for seniors.

This simple reform would cut spending -- by around $24 billion a year -- without hurting seniors. In fact, seniors would end up paying less for their prescriptions.

Even better, we know this would work, because this exact strategy is already working for the Veterans Administration, which uses its size to negotiate with drug companies and, according to a recent study, gets the top ten most prescribed drugs at half the price Medicare pays.

Help me fight for this common-sense solution: Click here to sign my petition calling on Washington to allow Medicare to negotiate with the drug companies!

There are nearly 50 million seniors who rely on Medicare. And if they were allowed to band together and negotiate, they could get a far better deal on the prescriptions they need.

But they can’t -- because Medicare is prohibited from negotiating like that. Why? There’s only one reason: to protect drug company profits.

The drug companies are doing fine without this handout. It’s seniors on Medicare who need the help. And taxpayers need us to be looking for smart ways to cut spending.

This makes too much sense not to do. So click here and sign my petition -- let’s tell Washington that Medicare should be able to negotiate!

See? Isn’t this the best idea you’ve heard all day?

Thanks for helping me get this done.


P.S.: Make sure you sign my petition today-- but then don’t just take the rest of the day off. Tell your friends and let’s build support for this common-sense solution.

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