Saturday, April 13, 2013

The US Senate joins Iran, Syria and North Korea on gun control

Jon Stewart comments on recent gun legislation. While 2 US Senators recently proposed a bill on background checks that temporarily stalled a filibuster, Stewart opines what it will look like after the regressive House gets its hands on it: Mandatory gun and grenade ownership and anti-Sharia Act of 2013. His hyperbole stems from the very real regressive obstruction to gun control of any kind instilled by the fanatical NRA. As but one example of this madness, the UN adopted a resolution to regulate the transfer of weapons to terrorists or organized crime. But the US Senate passed an amendment to prevent us from signing the treaty! We must preserve our freedom to sell guns to terrorists after all.

Stewart is stunned that the regressive rationalization makes this all about 2nd amendment rights, whereas the treaty specifically reaffirms a country's sovereign right to regulate guns. It requires some serious paranoid twisting to arrive at this seven degrees of Charles Heston connection where there is obviously none. Which goes along with the other paranoid projection regressives often use about ceding our authority to the UN. Agreeing to not sell or transfer guns to terrorists is ceding our authority to sell or transfer guns to terrorists makes sense, right?

Who voted against the resolution? Iran, North Korea and Syria. The US Senate keeps good company eh? Per Stewart we have "literally become one of our own worst enemies." Which reminds me of this terrorist video on how they should rush to buy guns in the US, since it seems easier to do so here then in other countries where they resolve to not sell guns to terrorists.

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