Friday, April 5, 2013

Borromean magic

Continuing the riff on Realist Magic with Bryant's recent talk, as autonomous machines our participation in larger assemblages can be otherwise. E.g., in a fascist State we can rebel, fight for freedom, escape the hegemony. That is because there is no natural state of affairs per Bryant, no fixed and unchanging Platonic paradigm to which we must submit. Yes, we get caught in the larger assemblage's gravity and it is immensely difficult to attain escape velocity, but it can and has been done.

But what about the universal endo-structural substance of differance? Can we ever escape or change that? Or perhaps is it that differance, by not being an unchanging Platonic form, by being itself open to evolution and change, by supporting a progression into every widening freedom and liberation, the natural course of things?

Bryant noted that usual critical theory was key in surmising the semioticially constructed nature of hegemonic social systems that were taken as a natural given. He criticizes them though for throwing the natural or the Real out with the faux Real systems. That there is a Real to which we must hold our semiotics to in order to ground our politics. And it is this Real dimension of the Rift at the heart of things, that differance that liberates instead of chains. And which is central to not just the Real but the Semiotic and the Phenomenal as well. Viva la fucken' a!

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