Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Repercussions of regressive gun vote

As we know, the regressives in the US Senate, including 4 Democrats, defeated any new gun control measures. Even an expanded background check that 90% of the people supported. The good news is that in one example, that of Senator Ayotte of NH, her favorable polling rating has dropped 15 points since the vote. This is what happens when you cowtow to the NRA and a fanatical ideology that even the majority of gun owners, NRA members among them, supported the background check legislation.

I'm hopeful that other regressive ratings will likewise drop, and that the people will defeat them in droves in the 2014 elections. And yes, even those 4 Democrats should be replaced by representatives that still believe in democracy. But that would of course mean replacing them will progressive Democrats or Independents, since it seems nary one Republican has retained a whit of democracy about them.

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