Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edwards (and me) on thwarting transformation

Continuing from this post, Edwards said at the end of p. 1:

"There is nothing more threatening to the position of those in social power than transformation. Power is inherently conservative because change means the possibility of losing their privilege, their status, their ideological dominance."

This was in closing on AQAL's lack of a viable social mediation holonics. Which goes hand in hand with its top-down, hero-leader organizational structure, thereby maintaining that form of power relation.* Which is also rampant in conservative-regressive political bodies like Congress, which doesn't want transformation via education or actual citizen participation because then they lose their power.

As but one recent example, the Senate voted down reasonable gun background check legislation that was supported by 90% of people generally, and over 50% of NRA members. But in this new world of instant media to inform and transform the people 6 of those naysaying Senators are losing ground rapidly in the polls.

* And all the more ironic since I-I touts itself as a leader of personal transformation. But into what? Programmed zombies that vomit kennilingus verbatim and never question or examine its tenets or political and socio-economic structures? Yeah, do its injuctions and be confirmed into the catechism.

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