Friday, April 5, 2013

Krugman on chained CPI

Here's his 2 cents. Obama thinks he has to offer up something in entitlements to be taken "seriously." By whom? The whack job regressives who literally take pleasure in hurting the poor and middle class? So Obama has to hurt the poor to be seen as "reasonable?" This is sick, twisted non-logic to the core, which is of course the staple of the regressive party. And makes no sense for one who apparently has at least some semblance of sense, the President. But when he keeps giving in to those who have time and again shown they are not in the least reasonable, that they will turn around and stab him not only in the back but right in the face, it makes one wonder just how reasonable Obama is. Fool him once, shame on them. Fool him twice, shame on him. Fool him so many times and he keeps coming back for more, that's a hell of a lot more than shame and borders on insanity.

The thing is, social security is not enough for the elderly to get by on in the first place. And the regular adjustment for inflation is not enough as it is. So now he wants to cut those adjustments so that they would actually be losing more of their benefits? If anything we should be increasing social security benefits. That's right, not spending but rewarding those who have worked a lifetime greasing the machinery of capitalism and making the capital owners rich beyond imagination. And those very rich should be paying adequate taxes to cover the cost of taking care of those that made them rich.

We really need to quit giving in to the whack jobs and stick to progressive policies of the kind that made the Scandinavian countries the leaders in world democracy while the US lags far behind. Those countries with actual democracies have higher taxes that take care of those that generated the wealth, the workers. The only thing the US has even remotely akin is the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget. We need to keep fighting to elect these kind of folks, increase the CPC until it is a majority, and bring the US up to the social democratic standards of those Scandinavian countries. And in the process, fight with all our might the regressives, not compromise with their insanity. To do so undermines the chance that we'll ever return to the kind of democracy that made us a once great country.

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