Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forget me knots

Tying together some recent posts--yes, intentional pun--perfect circles, spheres or cubes cannot tie into Borroean knots. There has to be some twists and that don't fit into those perfect abstract and/or Platonic forms, forms which do not allow for the ties that bind. Hence such projected perfection is exemplified by a restricted complexity or economy, where suobjects have very clear and strict bi-valent dividing lines as in formal logic. No excluded middle. Everything is in its place within a perfect Whole. Whereas the twists of real suobjects allow melding in a general complexity or economy, blurring the strict distinctions while simultaneously forming inseparable bonds where the middle is included.

And it is this 'middle' which also attests to the different views. In the restricted version it is 'creative' side of the oppositional poles, i.e, causal over relative. Whereas in the general version it is that which ties the knot of the oppositions, being both and neither so that they can never fly apart. And as I've discussed ad nauseum, this kind of middle is entirely immanent, being created and constructed per any machine. In humans it takes the form of image schemas, where we've seen that they arise in the middle of any classical abstract hierarchy. They are khora, differance, and also tie together the various aspects of a human holon: real, symbolic, imaginary. Or the 4 quadrants, if you prefer. In non-human suobjects khora expresses differently particular to their forms. Hence I changed the phrase to image stigmata as a more general rhetaphor for this process.

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