Monday, January 13, 2020

Collaborative community

Continuing the last post, I'm reminded of something Wilber wrote about the topic. It takes a certain level of development to treat everyone equally, what he calls a worldcentric perspective. And that level, compared to lower ones, is an elite performance. Hence that's why I qualified that everyone could decide for themselves "given opportunities and education" to achieve at least a stable, formal rational perspective.

Which is, btw, the goal of pubic education, the informed and reasonable citizen necessary to enact democracy. So in that sense it is not elite compared to a graduate education, or advanced training in a particular skill, which indeed does merit acknowledgment. But that sort of elitism is not necessary to the goal of Enlightenment public education, a requisite for democracy.

Also requisite for effective democracy is living a life that requires people to work together to achieve financial and social goals, aka the working class. Those elites so privileged as to never have to collaborate with others, that always get their own way due to inherited wealth and power, are disconnected from that necessity. We see this time and again in the likes of the Presidunce and the upper economic classes who feel superior to the working class, that they deserve to be in charge. It is no surprise that they despise democracy and corrupt the system to enrich themselves more while the rest of us get less.

So it is that sort of elitism, which Dump himself campaigned against but was ironically part of, that must be overcome if we are to have a functional democracy. And it is exactly the sort of progressive populism that is needed as remedy to provide educational, social and financial opportunities to all to achieve the goal of a good public education in order to become relatively autonomous, yet connected and concerned, public citizens that can think and decide for themselves in collaborative community.

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