Saturday, April 9, 2016

Neoliberal economists against Sanders

See this article, which explores Sanders suggestion to fund single-payer healthcare with a financial transaction tax. The aforesaid neoliberals economists, including Krugman, just can't accept that while us ordinary folk pay all sorts of taxes on necessary purchases the rich should not also pay taxes on their financial investments. This excerpt tell us how these 'experts' are caught up in the neoliberal agenda:

"Leading the assault have been supporters of Hillary Clinton, especially Paul Krugman, and other 'stars' of the economics profession like Christine Romer, Laura Tyson, Alan Kreuger, and Austan Goolsbe -- all of whom have served in past Democratic administrations and are no doubt looking to return again in some capacity in another Clinton administration. [...] The irony of the Krugman/Gang of Four attack is that Sanders' proposals represent what were once Democratic party positions and programs -- positions that have been abandoned by the party and its mouthpiece economists since the 1980s as it morphed into a wing of the neoliberal agenda."

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